Understanding the Five Main Causes of Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents annually claim more than 30,000 lives and injure millions in the United States, and the toll has been rising in recent years. Although every crash is unique, serious accidents will often require legal intervention, the type available from The Keating Law Firm.

Understanding the Causes of Traffic Accidents

The best way to prevent accidents is for drivers to understand the factors that can lead to a crash. Accidents often result from a combination of factors, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lists these as the five primary causes:

•Distracted driving
•Driver Fatigue
•Intoxicated Driving

1) Distracted Driving

Eating, texting, shaving, putting on makeup or merely gabbing with passengers can distract drivers to the point that they lose track of their position on the road or proximity to objects or other vehicles. When you are behind the wheel, your attention should be directed to your driving.

2) Driver Fatigue

Tired drivers are believed responsible for some 100,000 accidents every year on American roads and highways. You should know when to stop and rest, especially when driving at night. If you have to continue driving, take a break about every two hours.

3) Intoxicated Driving

Drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs kill thousands of their fellow Americans every year. If you are under the influence of anything, take a taxi or let someone else do the driving.

4) Speeding

The increase in a vehicle’s speed will greatly reduce the opportunity of a driver to recognize a danger and to stop or at least take evasive action. In the event of an accident, the speed of the vehicles involved will also increase the seriousness of the crash. Always follow the posted speed limit.

5) Recklessness

Aggressive driving can take the form of verbal abuse, angry gestures or actions that range from frequent lane changes to tailgating. If you encounter a reckless driver, keep your distance or, if necessary, stop and notify the local police department.

An Auto Accident Attorney Protecting Your Rights

A Metairie auto accident lawyer is available to help motorists who suffer from the negligent actions of others. A Metairie auto accident attorney will handle claims throughout Metairie and New Orleans. If you are the victim of an accident, get the help you need by contacting the Keating Law Firm.