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If you work in a potentially hazardous industry in the New Orleans area, then you know the importance of proper training and safety equipment. Not having these essentials in the workplace puts workers at risk, and too often employer negligence results in injury and death.

These issues are currently being investigated by OSHA after a recent fatal accident at the Port of New Orleans rail yard. Sadly, a man died, and two others suffered injuries related to oxygen deprivation.

The employer being investigated has been cited repeatedly for putting workers in harm’s way.

The employees involved in the accident were working for a chemical cleaning company called Dedicated Trailer Cleaning Services. For reasons yet to be determined, the men became trapped inside a tank car. Although he had suffered oxygen deprivation, one of the workers escaped the tanker and called 911. The two other men were removed from the tank car after first responders arrived on the scene.

According to OSHA, the cleaning company was cited numerous times over the course of two years for not providing appropriate protections to workers. Specifically, OSHA found that the company repeatedly exposed employees to unsafe work conditions, failed to provide appropriate safety and rescue equipment, and failed to provide proper training.

An OSHA director described these failures as “consistent and unacceptable.”

Grieving families deserve the maximum in compensation after a fatal work-related accident.

The workers’ compensation system in Louisiana provides workers’ comp death benefits to family members of deceased workers. The reality, though, is that workers’ comp benefits rarely cover the full cost of an injury, much less a death.

The personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys of The Keating Law Firm fight to maximize compensation for the grieving families of deceased workers. We handle not only workers’ compensation claims, but also third-party liability claims.

To learn more about holding an employer or third party responsibleafter a fatal work accident, please see our wrongful death overview.

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