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The trucking industry is heavily regulated for good reason. Collisions with 18-wheelers and other large trucks often result in catastrophic injuries, and safety regulations are in place to prevent these wrecks from happening.

Recently, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued a long-awaited regulatory change requiring truck drivers to log their hours of service electronically instead of in paper logbooks. Because truck driver fatigue is a known cause of deadly crashes, motor carrier operators are required to log their work hours to prevent drowsy driving.

The rule change is expected to save lives.

The FMCSA has given the trucking industry until December 2017 to comply with the new rule. Truck drivers will then be required to use electronic logging devices — commonly called ELDs — that meet minimum safety standards.

In far too many cases, paper logbooks have been falsified or otherwise inaccurate, and the switch to electronic records is in part meant to remove human error and dishonesty from the equation, as well as help in truck accident investigations.

The new requirement will apply to about 3 million truck operators, and the Department of Transportation has estimated that the rule change will prevent more than 1,840 truck accidents, more than 560 injuries and more than two dozen deaths each year.

The legal aspects of a truck accident claim are complex, requiring help from a truck accident lawyer in order to maximize compensation for your injuries.

If you have been injured because of trucking industry negligence, then your first concern is undoubtedly your health. You may also be worried about medical bills, your ability to work, your ability to enjoy life again, and the cost of long-term rehabilitation.

These matters do not resolve themselves on their own, and an accurate valuation of your truck accident claim is needed to obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

At The Keating Law Firm, we practice tough, smart law on behalf of truck accident victims in Louisiana. We know how to uncover trucking industry violations and hold truck drivers, trucking companies and their insurers accountable.

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