For most of us with elderly parents, we tend to think of the strength and support they provided us through our lives, so it can be difficult to think of them as vulnerable. However, nursing home residents are vulnerable. They depend on their health care providers to give them appropriate, professional treatment. When they fail in this regard, nursing home residents have little recourse to protect their rights.

At Keating Law Firm, LLC, we truly care about our clients and their parents. We truly care about protecting the safety and dignity of nursing home residents throughout the areas of Metairie, New Orleans and surrounding areas. Our lawyers represent residents of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, residential care homes and other elder care facilities in claims involving:

  • Nursing home negligence: Nurses and staff are required to provide a minimum of care for residents. When residents suffer from bedsores, bruises, broken bones, dehydration or malnutrition, it can be a clear sign of nursing home neglect.
  • Elder abuse: Sadly, there are instances where nursing home staff abuse their elderly residents. If you or an elderly parent has been victimized by physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse or financial exploitation, our lawyers will fight for you.
  • Nursing home accidents: Slip-and-fall accidents caused by spills and cluttered areas, defective staircases, defective handrails, and general lack of maintenance or cleanliness can lead to serious injuries for elder care facility residents.

As your attorneys, we are committed to protecting your rights and providing you with exceptional care.

“Praise Jesus! Thank you so much! I knew the truth would come out and we would win!”
– Catherine Jones

In nursing home abuse and neglect cases, it is especially important to uncover the truth. Nursing homes and other elder care facilities have a lot to lose in this type of litigation, so we work tenaciously to uncover the truth of what happened in our clients’ accidents. Our attorneys fight aggressively to maximize the compensation available for our clients.


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