If you are facing a legal issue, you want to make sure your lawyer has actual experience handling that type of case. This is particularly true in dog bite claims. There are many law firms that add dog bites to their list of legal practice areas just to keep the phones ringing; but at Keating Law Firm, LLC, we handle a significant number of these claims in New Orleans, Metairie and the surrounding areas of Louisiana. Dog bite litigation is an important part of our practice.

Our dog bite attorneys focus on giving our clients the best experience possible. Our law firm’s approach is to treat each client like family. We know that you are not a legal expert, so we don’t expect you to understand all of the legal nuances involved with your claim; that’s our job. We will explain your rights and options in clear language, and we will walk you through every step of your case as we fight aggressively to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.


Louisiana is a strict liability state for dog bite claims. This means that it doesn’t matter whether the dog had a propensity for or history of attacking, and it doesn’t matter whether the owner knew the dog was dangerous. If a dog attacks someone, the owner is usually liable for the damages that result, including:

  • Scarring: Obviously, when a dog’s bites or scratches break the skin, serious scarring and disfigurement can result.
  • Broken bones: An aggressive dog can overwhelm a person, especially a child, resulting in broken bones or even traumatic brain injuries.
  • Emotional distress: Although emotional distress is difficult to quantify, it is very real. An animal attack can be a terrifying experience, especially if the victim is a child, and every victim deserves to be compensated for the emotional pain inflicted from an animal attack.

At Keating Law Firm, LLC, we have significant experience handling dog bite claims. Our lawyers know how to obtain compensation for clients regardless of whether or not the insurance company makes a reasonable settlement offer. We will do whatever it takes to get the maximum compensation award for you under the law.


We offer free initial consultations in dog bite cases, so you can talk with an attorney without cost or obligation. If you have been attacked by a dog or another animal, call us right away at 504-345-1232 or email us to schedule your free consultation.

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