Generally, in a collision between a motor vehicle and a person walking or riding a bicycle, the motor vehicle is going to get the better of the exchange pretty much every time. Most pedestrian or bicycle accident victims suffer severe injuries that include traumatic brain injuries, back and neck injuries, broken bones, scarring and other injuries. In the most severe cases, wrongful deaths are not uncommon. This is a serious tragedy. Make sure you work with a lawyer whom you can trust to help you through this time and help you obtain full and fair compensation.

At Keating Law Firm, LLC, we are here to help. We have attorneys on our team with more than 10 years of experience representing clients in New Orleans, Metairie and the surrounding areas of Louisiana in pedestrian accidents, bike accidents and other motor vehicle accidents. If you or someone you love has been in a bike or pedestrian accident, attorneys from our firm are here to help you recover and put your life back in order.

“Julie-Ann helped me during a very difficult and painful time in my life. While going through a dual spinal fusion surgery, I have received very professional and courteous service leading up to very positive results in a timely manner. I would definitely highly recommend Julie-Ann to anyone in need.”
– Greg Rome

This is the type of service and representation we provide for our clients every day. Whether you have been seriously injured, you have a child who has been seriously hurt or you have lost a loved one in a wrongful death caused by a pedestrian or bicycle accident, we can help you. We will remain close by your side during this time, and we will fight aggressively to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.


For most people, a serious motor vehicle-related accident causes tremendous stress. You might not have any idea where to turn or what the legal process might look like. Contact us. You can speak with a lawyer from our firm at no cost. Call 504-345-1232 or email us to schedule a free consultation.

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